Luis Elizondo

United States Department of Defense Born in Miami, Florida

Luiz (Lue) Elizondo was a career intelligence officer in the US Army, Department of Defence (DoD) and other US intelligence agencies.  His educational background in microbiology and immunology ultimately led to his pursuit of those fields in the intelligence community to begin a long career in numerous agencies.¹

Elizondo’s assignment to AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) in 2008 had him investigate UFOs/UAPs in US airspace.  He quit working for the Pentagon in 2017 over his frustration with the bureaucracy and the lack of candor with which the UFO/UAP subject was discussed within the US government as well as with the American public.

Sometime after, Elizondo joined TTSA (To The Stars Academy) with Chris Mellon and Steve Justice.  TTSA was founded in 2017 as a public benefit corporation by Tom DeLonge (musician), Hal Puthoff (engineer) and Jim Semivan (former CIA officer).  Among TTSA’s goals were investigation of UFOs/UAPs.

Elizondo came to prominence with TTSA having appeared in a featured role in TTSA’s television show Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation, airing for 2 seasons in 2019 and 2020.  The show featured analysis of UFO phenomenon particularly from the US Navy over a period of time which Elizondo’s role at AATIP coincided.  Unidentified covered, amongst other subjects, incidents on the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt and analysed videos that had been featured in the New York Times in December 2017².

More recently, Elizondo has been making numerous media appearances including on CBS 60 Minutes, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and numerous podcasts.